(Paragon, Singapore)  Imperial Treasure - Super Peking Duck is an award winning Chinese restaurant specialising in 'Peking Duck' (北京烤鸭) under the Imprerial Treasure group. Having bagged numerous awards over the years, it serves one of the best Peking duck you could find in Singapore. A quick search would show you their long list of awards and accolades:

 'Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant

Regional Best Restaurants 2012/2013 by Singapore Tatler
Singapore’s Best Restaurants 2013/2014 by Singapore Tatler
Singapore's Top Restaurants 2012/2013 by Wine & Dine
Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013/2014 by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna
Singapore's Top Restaurants 2014 by Wine & Dine - Best Asian Wine List (less than 300)'

 It's been a while since we had Super Peking Duck and we decided one evening for an impromptu visit! We were lucky that the peking duck was still available without ordering in advance but a quick glance at the menu and we realised they had a $10 price hike (It was previously $68 for the whole duck)

 Chef carving our Peking Duck 'Live' 

 Chef carving our Peking Duck 'Live' 

Approximately 20 mins after ordering, our duck is here. First off they'll cut out 'sample' pieces of duck skin to whet your appetite and let you know this is what's it's all about! Just dip it in sugar and let the magic happen! That moment the first piece enters your mouth, the buttery fragrance takes you back by surprise. Duck skin never tasted this good!

The meat is then carved and served in two plates, 

The meat is then carved and served in two plates, 

The rest of the meat is then sliced and served on two of these custom duck plates. The first plate consists of uniformly cut succulent duck meat. All you have to do is place it in the flour, wrap with some cucumbers, spring onions and sweet sauce and voilà! A mouthful of perfection!

The other plate is all about the super addictive duck skin that we just can't get enough of! Carved from various parts of the duck, you won't find a lot of meat here but boy oh boy is this the plate to watch out for! Blink and its all gone! Just coat the crispy skin with sugar and enjoy it while its still there!

Second Preparation - Fried duck meat served with lettuce wraps

Second Preparation - Fried duck meat served with lettuce wraps

Lastly, we opted to have the rest of the duck meat fried and served with fresh lettuce. This was a tad disappointing though as the meat tasted a little dry (being fried after it was roasted). But nevertheless it was a decent wrap and a great way to end the meal!

We spent a total of $103.58 at SPD (Peking Duck - $78, Second preparation - $10, GST & Service Charge) 

Overall it was a really really great meal and you could definitely see us coming back time and time again just for this! Super Peking Duck indeed!


Ambience - 8/10

Food Quality - 8/10

Value for Money - 6.5/10  

Overall Experience - 7/10

*CheapTip - 'Ask to return any 'Pickles' or 'Appetisers' to save more $