NANTA BBQ (0316)

(Goldhill Centre, Singapore) NANTA BBQ is a fusion Korean restaurant that is famed for its cheese pork ribs. They even have YouTube videos  people challenging the cheese twirl. 

So finally, after much hype we arrived at Novena for our cheesy ribs fix.  Straight to the point, the cheese ribs are here. 


After a couple of minutes of cooking on the pan, the cheese starting bubbling and that signalled for the waiter to come start twirling. What they do is basically scoop the cheesy goodness up with a fork and go round and round over the ribs. This also serves as a demonstration for customers as they only provide this twirling service for one rib per customer, so in our case, only two ribs were twirled for us. 



The verdict?   It looks better than it tastes. That's what we agree on. The ribs no doubt were tender, but were nothing spectacular. Just like your standard frozen ribs. The cheese on the other hand were pretty decent especially for cheese lovers like us but after the twirling demonstration, they turn off the fire and the cheese slowly hardens. That makes twirling not as easy as demonstrated. 

At the side of the pan they have a little Mexican affair? Chips with coleslaw, tomatoes and minced meat. Once again nothing to shout about. But the steamed egg was just really tasteless. To quote a famous chef, 'a little bit of seasoning goes a long way' disappointing. 

Overall it was a half decent meal that we wouldn't recommend unless you're craving cheese and ribs at the same time and don't mind the tasteless eggs, steep prices, it's almost $10ish/rib considering there are only 6 ribs and the meal (only the cheese ribs set B) was close to $70.